Debt Squared Group is a full service debt prevention and debt recovery company, providing intelligent industry-leading solutions throughout the UK.

We provide debt prevention systems and debt recovery services all of which are supported by comprehensive training to a range of national, regional and local clients of all sizes.

Our comprehensive range of profiling services, powered by Magnify (a Debt Squared Group business) are designed to help clients optimise rent collections by delivering clear and insightful reports with real-time, relevant alerts to identify risk so that you can act decisively before a default occurs.

We deliver effective recoveries through a series of written and verbal tenant contact strategies. These services are supported by our Group business Intelligent Funding Recoveries (IFR). This allows Debt Squared Group to provide a fully integrated recovery service, across all classifications of debt, as IFR undertakes all pre-legal debt recovery services.

Our comprehensive service delivering rent arrears collections under Part 3 of the Enforcement by Taking Control of Goods Act and Schedule 12.

We are one of the UK’s leading certificated Enforcement Agencies specialising in commercial rent collection (CRAR) but also dealing with Evictions and Forefeitures and operating 7 days a week throughout the UK to resolve debt issues.

Our training and development programmes are tailored to client requirements and take the form of CPD Workshops, webinars and white papers. We also work with a number of leading industry bodies to provide bespoke training programmes relating to the prevention and recovery of debt.

SCAR (Service Charge Arrears Recovery) is available exclusively from Debt Squared Group, working in conjunction with Intelligent Funding Recoveries (IFR) to recover any and all other amounts not recoverable via CRAR (such as service charges and insurance).


Our TOP 5 questions on CRAR
  1. 1
    Can I instruct Debt Squared Group to collect rent that is due today?

    Yes, the process starts with an Enforcement Notice being sent by our Recovery Account Team. We will manage this part of the process for you and will deal with every aspect of the collection process.

  2. 2
    Can I instruct Debt Squared Group any day of the week to assist me?

    Yes, our Enforcement Agents operate 7 days a week and our Recovery Account Managers are on-hand to provide assistance, guidance to ensure the action is undertaken swiftly to protect your portfolio.

  3. 3
    Can I instruct Debt Squared Group to collect monies other than rent?

    Yes, as a market leading collection agency we operate a bespoke pre-legal debt collection service geared to recovering outstanding business debts and Service Charge arrears, without the requirement of legal fees.  We operate on these services on our guarantee No Collection – No Fee.

  4. 4
    How do I keep up to-date with the collection process?

    Each instruction is administrated by our Recovery Account Managers who will liaise with you throughout each stage of the process providing updates and commentary on each instruction. In-addition we are also able to provide Management Information reports, as and when you request.

  5. 5
    When do receive my monies and what does it cost me?

    We know the importance of getting your monies recovered swiftly and our accounts team follow this process with daily remittance payments, guaranteeing no delays.  On rent recovery your tenant is legally responsible to pay the statutory fees as set-out in legislation. We recover and remit 100% of your debt to YOU.


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